Harvia AF Forte 45 Ever Ready Wall Control Included(up to 283cf)

$3,869.00 $4,800.00


Harvia by Finlandia Forte AF-45 electric sauna heater is perfect for anyone who desires instant-on heat from their sauna heater.  

The Forte Ever Ready Sauna Heater is always on and ready for immediate use.  Open the lid and you can immediately pour water onto the rocks for immediate, instant steam.  It is great for those who do not like to wait.

The heater remains in low power mode when not in use.  

This is the perfect heater for sauna bathers on the go who do not have the time to wait for the sauna to heat up.  

This exclusive, premium heater comes equipped with a built-in waterproof digital control pad to be mounted on the wall inside of the sauna room. 

Heater comes with digital waterproof touch pad control to be wall mounted inside the sauna room.

The Ever Ready Forte comes in 4.4, 6.5, and 9.8 KW sizes.

Made in Finland.


Harvia by Finlandia Ever Ready Forte AF-45

  • For rooms measuring up to 283 cubic feet
  • Dimensions 21"D x 20"W x 35"H
  • Premium Floor Mounted Sauna Heater 
  • Waterproof Digital Control Panel
  • 18.3 amps 
  • 10 Gauge Copper Wire
  • Sauna Heater is UL Listed

 Download Product Manual for the AF-45 Sauna Heater