Harvia KIP30B Stainless Steel 3KW Sauna Heater with Built-in Control JH30B2401 (84-130cf)

$889.00 $988.00
By Harvia


Harvia KIP-30B Electric Sauna Heater features a stainless steel exterior. This sauna heater includes onboard controls.



Harvia KIP-30B Electric Sauna Heater Specifications
  • For rooms measuring 84 to 130 cubic feet
  • Dimensions 11"D x 16"W x 24"H
  • 3.0 Kilowatts  12.5 amps 
  • 12 Gauge Copper Wire Size
  • Wall Mounted with Built-In Controls
  • Sauna Heater Features Exclusive 1-8 hr. Programmable Timer / 8hr Pre-Set
  • 45lbs of sauna rocks required
  • Sauna Heater is UL Listed

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