Thermory 6 Person Barrel Sauna No 82 DIY Kit with Terrace and Window


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Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Thermory DIY Barrel Sauna Kit No82, a 6-person haven designed for the ultimate sauna experience. With a front porch and panoramic window, this sauna stands as the epitome of spaciousness and comfort. The natural wood finish invites you into a world where quality materials meet superb engineering to create the finest outdoor sauna. The light streaming through the glass door and panoramic window highlights the interior's natural beauty, making it a retreat like no other.


  • Generous 9.84 ft length designed for six occupants.
  • Elegant front porch with comfortable benches, extending the relaxation space.
  • Enriching natural light from the panoramic window and glass door.
  • Thermally modified Northern European spruce, ensuring durability and weather resistance.
  • Simple and intuitive DIY installation with no cutting necessary.
  • Thermal modification process prevents wood shrinkage, providing consistent quality.
  • Chemical-free wood treatment for a natural and safe sauna experience.
  • Outstanding insulation, maintaining even heat distribution.
  • Customize your sauna with the heater of your choice (not included).

Technical Specifications

Product Weight 2030 lb
Product Dimensions 94.9x90.5x118 in
Outside Diameter 90.15 inch
Inside Diameter 87 in
Bench Length 90.35 in
Bench Width 22.25 in
Wall/Board Thickness 40mm
Volume 310 Cu ft
Porch Length 19.29 in
Window Size R=43 in
Shipping Crate Dimensions 120x48x40 inches
Crated Weight 1984 lb

In the Box

Items included: Barrel cradles, body staves, wall panels, panoramic window, glass front door, interior benches, backrest staves, duckboard flooring, fasteners, adhesive roof tape, metal bands, porch benches, heat shield, cable raceway, rain jacket with trim, and roof shingles. Heater not included.

About Thermory

Unique in North America, Thermory Barrel Saunas are celebrated for their thermally modified wood, which provides exceptional durability and stability without shrinking. This natural enhancement process, using only heat and steam, ensures our saunas are perfectly suited for any climate.

Our commitment to excellence draws from the sauna's Nordic heritage, utilizing softwood with proven rot resistance and endurance against the elements for a design that's as robust as it is beautiful.

Wellness Benefits

Entering the Thermory Barrel Sauna No82 transports you to a serene sanctuary of wellness. Beyond relaxation, it offers a space to accelerate natural healing, soothe muscles, enhance joint function, and detoxify the body. This sauna is an investment in your well-being, ensuring you emerge from each session revitalized.

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