Harvia KV80S Top Class with Built in Controls(250-425cf)

$1,425.00 $1,598.00


The Harvia by Finlandia KV80S is the top-of-the-line wall mounted heater and is engineered for the 21st century.

The lighted control panel built on the side of the heater is designed for simplicity and ease of use and it is reversible-left or right side. 

Control panel has 1 hour timer with a 1 to 8 hour time delay feature. With beautiful stainless steel construction and high tech design, the long lasting Topclass is the heaviest duty of any wall mounted heater in the industry. 

Available in 4.5, 6, and 8 KW sizes. 

Not recommended for commercial use due to delay timer feature. 

Made in Finland.



Harvia by Finlandia KV-80-S Stainless Steel Sauna Heater

  • For rooms measuring 250 to 425 cubic feet
  • Dimensions 10"D x 18"W x 25"H
  • Premium Wall Mounted Sauna Heater with Lighted Control Panel
  • Built-In Controls
  • 1 hr Programmable Timer Can Be Pre-Set Up To 8 Hours
  • 33.3 amps - 40 amp Breaker
  • 8 Gauge Copper Wire
  • Sauna Heater is UL Listed

 Download Product Manual for KV-80-S Sauna Heater