Have you ever dreamed of having a beautiful and healthy sauna in your own home?  If you have, you probably were unsure of how to get started.  The following pointers should help to get you on your way.  And remember, if you have any questions that need answers feel free to call the team at Finnish Sauna Builders.  We are here to help you create the sauna of your dreams.   


Let me tell you the three most important items to consider when preparing a part of your home for your new sauna room. 

Sauna in Master Bathroom

The first item is to determine the location of your new sauna.  The best location is the location that is most convenient for you and your family to use.  Our experience has shown us that the more convenient that a sauna is to use, the more it will be used. Your sauna can be installed in the Master Bath or even in an adjacent closet in the Master Bedroom.  Many clients install their sauna in their home work out area.  This makes for a convenient way to warm up and loosen up before and after a home workout.  Finally, you might consider adding an outdoor sauna.  This can be either an insulated panel-built sauna room or the very popular barrel sauna.  The location is up to you.  Our team can help you make the right decision in where to locate your new sauna. 


Next, you will want to think about how you will power your sauna room heater?  A Finnish Rock Sauna heater will require a 240 v circuit.   The size of the circuit will depend on the size of the sauna room and the size of the heater.   We can give you the specifications needed for your sauna heater.  Give this information to your electrician and he can install the electrical connections that are needed to make the final sauna heater electrical hook ups.  You may also consider a traditional wood burning stove for your outdoor sauna room.   


Finally, you will need to frame and insulate the space that you will build your custom pre-cut sauna room.  Fiberglass insulation is the preferred insulation for a hot sauna room.  R-values of 11 for the walls and 13 for ceiling is what is recommended. Once the framing and insulation are in place, you will want to cover the studs with a foil vapor barrier.  This will radiate the heat back into the room to increase the efficiency of the sauna heater.  You will complete the room by nailing tongue and groove western red cedar, or the wood of your choice, to the walls and ceiling.  Add benching, flooring, lighting and a sauna door and you and your family will be ready to enjoy many years of traditional sauna bathing. 

Lumber being cut

These tips should help you to better understand what is needed to create the sauna room of your dreams.  Out team at Finnish Sauna Builders is ready to help get the answers that you need for your project. 


Keep the Heat On! 

October 23, 2021 — Tim Zilis