Steam is sought after because of the many benefits it brings to the body and the mind. 

Healthy Skin The heat generated from a steam shower will help you sweat, which naturally pushes out dirt and toxins to clean your pores. 

Relaxed Muscles The heat from the steam helps to dilate your blood vessels, increasing blood circulation. More blood flow means more oxygen for your muscles, which helps them to relax and may sooth minor aches and pains. 

Breathe Easy Breathing in the warm mist of a steam shower has been shown to open up nasal passages and can help alleviate respiratory congestion and sinus inflammation. 

Stress Relief There are few things more relaxing then being enveloped in the warm, soothing mist of a steam shower. It’s the perfect way to start your day or unwind from the daily grind.

Invigoration Series Steam Generators & controls

Fast-Response® Technology Invigoration Series steam generators produce steam within one minute of pushing the power button. 

Constant Steam This series is designed to produce steam at a consistent rate, which greatly minimizes temperature fluctuations. 

Power Clean™ Feature At the touch of a button, water flushes sediment out of the generator through the steam head. No manual flushing is required. 

Intuitive Operation
 The interface is easy to read and use with clear function indicators. 

Eco-Friendly The Invigoration Series uses approximately one gallon of water per 20-minute session, which is significantly less water than a traditional shower experience.