About Thermasol and the family behind them

ThermaSol is the original steam shower manufacturer. Led by three generations of Altmans, ThermaSol is known for redefining the modern steam shower experience through a pioneering combination of technology and engineering expertise. The company’s history of steam innovation can be traced from David Altman, who designed, built and installed the first electric steam bath for a Park Avenue luxury apartment in 1958 to Murray Altman’s acquisition of the ThermaSol steam bath division in 1989 and finally, to Mitch Altman’s current rein that has produced some of the industry’s most technologically advanced steam shower products today. Their latest generation of products brings this longstanding commitment forward, with smart technology that makes the multi-sensory shower experience simpler and more seamless than ever.

Patented Smart Steam

The most desired feature of any steam shower system! You won’t see this cutting-edge technology, but you will feel it! The ultimate in temperature control and energy conservation.

SteamVection Steamhead

Innovative design creates a convection-like effect, directing incoming steam to the bottom first to create consistent temperature levels throughout the entire shower.

Patented FastStart Technology

Steam in seconds, not four to eight minutes! For vacation homes, this feature can be enabled/disabled using a Signature Series controller.


Specifically engineered to purge calcification build-up from the inner tank through “speed slots” to increase water velocity. This concentrated thrust of water pressure effectively “flushes” the bottom of the tank.

Chief Executive Officer - Thermasol

Mitch Altman

Mitch Altman’s vision and determination has propelled Thermasol to the forefront of the steam industry. During Mitch’s over thirty years at the helm of Thermasol, he has delivered many cutting edge, industry changing innovations.  His continued devotion to deliver the very best steam bathing experience keeps Thermasol as one of the leading brands in the steam bathing industry.


Jari Ristola

Jari Ristola’s position as President and Thermasol Evangelist, has allowed him to spread the Thermasol message to all corners of the world. Jari has helped to cultivate the image and experience that the Thermasol steam bather enjoys. With Jari’s guiding hand, Thermasol has remained at the top of the steam bathing industry.