Let's look at what is involved in creating a beautiful, safe, steam shower.

The details mentioned in this article are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional advice. Please call an expert(wink-wink) to discuss your project. A little thoughtful planning early on will save you time and money in the end. Trust a pro!

 Let’s review a few of the benefits of a steam shower:

  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Improve breathing by clearing the breathing passages
  • Steam shower heat can loosen tired joints and achy muscles
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Better skin health


The good news is that a home steam shower is easy to build. Whether you are simply adding steam to an existing shower or creating a completely new steam bathing environment, the basics are the same.

A steam shower is a vapor proof shell, typically clad in tile and glass that is sealed to prevent the steam from escaping. The steam is created by the steam generator, the steam is fed through a pipe to the in shower mounted steam head and controlled through a wired or wireless controller located in the shower.

What are the materials needed to create the steam shower of your dreams?

  • Insulation for the shower walls
  • Vapor Proof waterproofing to cover the framework
  • Wall tile to cover the waterproofing
  • Steam generator
  • Steam head
  • Steam controller
  • Temperature sensor
  • Seating


What is the process for building your steam shower?

Measure the dimension of your steam shower and determine the proper size generator from the manufacturer’s website.

Create an insulated, watertight space using vapor proof waterproofing combined with a tile of your choice. Don't forget to use a shower door system with a tight seal to prevent the steam from escaping into the bathroom

Apply the insulation to the stud cavities and cover the framework with a waterproofing material such as WEDI board or the Schluter system.

Prior to installing your generator ensure that you have the proper electrical and plumbing rough-ins available where you intend to install the generator. Once rough-ins are complete, it is time to install the steam generator. This can be a steam generator built by a trusted manufacturer such as Thermasol, Mr. Steam or Amerec.

Mount and connect the steam controller in the steam shower. The steam head will be mounted near the floor in a safe location. The steam controller is typically mounted away from the steam head in a position convenient to the bather. Installation locations for the steam head, controls and accessories are detailed by the manufacturer in the installation materials.

Additional features to consider are Chroma-therapy lighting, Aromatherapy and a Waterproof sound system.

Although a steam generator system can be installed by a homeowner it is highly recommended that you call a specialist who has experience in creating steam shower bathing spaces. A little planning before you start your project will save you time and money by the time you are through.

October 06, 2021 — Tim Zilis