Choosing a steam shower system for your home can be confusing.  We will try to simplify the decision-making process by focusing on the key items that will ensure your enjoyment of your new steam shower.


You will want to purchase the steam generator that is made of high-quality materials and has the level of functionality that you desire.  Some will want a basic control system that only manages time and temperature.  Others will demand a highly programmable controller that can not only control time and temperature but also control lights, sound, aromatherapy and even control the shower fixtures.


When deciding which system to purchase you will want to focus on the quality of construction, proper steam generator size, functionality and style of the control system, length of warranty and safety certifications.


First, you will want to answer a few questions:


            What are the dimensions of my shower (LxWxH)?

            What size unit does the manufacturer recommend for my shower size?

            How much water will my unit use during a typical steam?

            How fast will the shower heat up?

            Is the control panel easy to use?

            How quiet is the steam generating unit?

            What are the options and add-ons for each steam machine?

            Is the customer support readily available?


The most important item to determine when shopping for a Steam Shower system is the size of the steam unit.  This is determined by using the manufacturer sizing calculator.  You want to ensure that you are purchasing the proper sized generator for your shower size.  The manufacturer will determine this for you. 


You might be inclined to purchase a unit that is larger than recommended for your shower size.  I would advise against this.  First, the manufacture may not honor the warranty of a unit that is oversized for the shower space.  Second, a larger generator may bring the steam shower up to temperature faster, but this also means that it will stop creating the warm steam mist that we all love.  This will result in quick bursts of steam with longer periods of no steam generation. 


Unlike a hot tub, your new steam generator is designed to use minimal water.  During a 20-minute steam your generator will use less than 2 gallons of water.  Maybe less depending on the steam system settings.  Steam Bathing is an environmentally safe way to enjoy the benefits of a warm steam shower.



Some bathers size their steam generators on the low end of the manufacturer’s specification.  The reason for this is simple.  The longer that the steam generator is running to bring the unit up to temperature the more steam will be created in the shower.  Also, many bathers enjoy being in the steam shower as the cycle begins which allows the bather to become acclimated to the warming sensation as the steam system gets up to temperature.



Plan on 10-20 minutes of warm up time to bring your steam generator up to your desired temperature.  Every shower is different, and each steam generator creates steam in a slightly different way.  Many steam systems now come with an optional warm start feature.  The warm start features works by keeping the water in the tank hot and ready to create steam in as little as 2 minutes.  This can be a convenient time saver during our hectic days.


The control systems for the steam generator can be as simple as an on/off button or it can be complex and provide the ultimate level of control.  The high-end control systems will all be digital and will control not only the steam generators time and temperature, but it can also control the lights, music, and aromatherapy.  Some newer models even allow the control of the overhead shower fixtures using an in-wall digital shower valve.  Very cool!


Most steam shower systems can be controlled through the Wi-Fi system in your home.  This allows you the convenience of starting your steam shower while you are on the treadmill or in another part of the home.  Your steam shower will be warm and waiting for you at your convenience.


Steam generators do create some sound while producing the warm steam for the steam shower.  Typically, this is not a concern as the steam generator can be installed most anywhere in the home.  You even can manage your steam generator through a wireless controller in the shower.  This is convenient for remodel projects that cannot run new wires for the generator system.


Every major steam shower manufacturer in the U.S. offers an extensive warranty and a convenient customer support team that can be reached by chat, email or a quick phone call.


Once you do your homework and consult with one of our expert steam shower consultants, it will be easy to find the steam shower system that fits your budget and offers the features that you desire.


The consultants at Stem Sauna Supply are available to answer any question that you have about your steam shower project.  We look forward to helping in any way.


Happy Bathing!

October 23, 2021 — Tim Zilis