Calms the mind and body for healthy sleep

You mind will feel rejuvenated and have you will experience increased energy levels. The Sauna helps calm the mind and body for a better sleep.

Increase blood flow for a healthy heart

Reports out of Finland state that the regular use of Saunas helps maintain healthy blood vessels. The blood vessels become elastic and pliable due to the regular dilation and contraction from the process of heating and cooling the body repeatedly through regular sauna use. The increased heart rate creates a demand for more oxygen, which will burn calories and increase the heart rate.

Sauna can relieve the effects of allergies and nasal congestion

The steam caused by dropping water on to the hot sauna rocks is a good way to alleviate throat irritations and inflammation of the airways. Adding steam to a sauna can help to reduce the discomfort caused by allergies and colds.

Improves circulation

The dilation of the blood vessels will increase blood flow which will increase the circulation in the extremities.

Sunburn relief

Sauna heat will cause the blood to rush to the skins surface. This sensation will offer relief to sunburned skin and help in the healing process.

Improved kidney function

Sauna bathing can aid in proper kidney function. The sweat caused by sauna heat causes the body to rid itself of the body’s toxins and aids in kidney function. Doctors even recommend sauna usage to aid in patients on dialysis with impaired kidney function.

Sauna use promotes healthy skin

Cellular growth and development caused by sauna usage will benefit a healthy glowing skin. A Sauna bath can increase blood flow to the skin by as much as 50-70% of a normal heart rate. The heat of the sauna will open skin pores, relax facial tension, and increase circulation. The expansion of blood vessels will enhance collagen production which promotes healthy skin and a wrinkle free complexion.

Increased calories are burned during sauna usage

Sauna bathing by itself, should not be used a diet aid. But, as part of an overall healthy weight loss program including a healthy diet and regular exercise, will contribute to an increased burn of calories. You will see a reduction in body weight during regular sauna use but be aware that the weight loss will be mostly from water loss.

Sauna heat to remove toxins and impurities

Sweat produced by Sauna heat can open the skins pores and help to remove toxins and impurities. Sauna rooms have been used to remove many different toxins from the body. Perspiration induced by a Sauna opens the body's pores and naturally expels impurities and toxins from the body. Don’t forget that your skin is the largest organ in the body. Regular sauna usage helps the body to remove these impurities and toxins.

Sauna Recovery After Rock Climbing

Calm and relax tired muscles

Athletes often use Saunas to improve their flexibility and to help stretch tight muscles after a strenuous workout.

Helps to relieve mental exhaustion

When your body is calm your mind feels better, and you feel better. The Sauna promotes a wonderful sense of mental and spiritual well-being.

Increases metabolic rate

An increase in the metabolic response was shown to be positively affected by the regular use of Sauna.

Reduced arthritic pain

Joint and muscle pain can benefit from the heat therapy provided by Sauna bathing.

Reduces colds and flu

As reported by the Finnish Medical Society, tests have shown a 30% reduced chance of getting a cold when Saunas are taken regularly. Saunas can also reduce the severity of a cold. Sauna heat causes the body to go into a type of hyperthermia. Studies have shown that a fever can be a natural part of the bodies healing process. The increased body temperature causes the immune system to go to work. This results in an increased production of disease fighting white blood cells and antibodies.

Increased healing and release of endorphins

As Beta Endorphins and Nor-epinephrines are released during a Sauna bath the bodies pain threshold is increased and acts as a temporary pain reducer.

Saunas are easy to maintain

Sauna are ecologically friendly. They are only using electricity when the heater cycles on. Unlike other therapy’s such as hot tubs and spas which are constantly drawing energy to power the pump systems. One of the features of a sauna heater is its simplicity. There are few moving parts which reduces on service and repair costs.

Sauna room are an expected feature in most high-end homes

A beautiful, well-built sauna can add value to your home. Sauna spas are becoming an expected feature on many of the new homes built today. Due to its ease of use and minimal service issues, a sauna room will provide many years of enjoyment for your family and the next.


October 23, 2021 — Tim Zilis