ThermaSol ThermaTouch 10" Controller in Satin Chrome Finish

$2,023.00 $2,890.00


ThermaTouch 10" Control

The ThermaTouch Smart Touchscreen Control manages all aspects of the smart shower and steam experience: lights, music, precision water and temperature control, shower outlet selections (classic showerhead, rainhead or handshower), dozens of apps, tranquility scenes, programmed sound therapy sessions, and even TV - all with a simple touch or voice command.

10 inch with upgraded trim of choice and built-in microphone for smart features/verbal commands


  • Integrated App Store featuring the most popular platforms; live TV, sports, news, music, health & wellness, streaming and more!
  • Integrated Bluetooth® Connectivity; Stream your preferred listening experience from a smart device inside the shower.
  • Integrated connection to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet cable to stay up to date with newly released features.
  • Fully waterproof
  • 2 customizable user settings for full command over steam, shower, lighting and listening experience.
  • Smart Home Assistant Compatibility: allows user to remotely control smart shower. Works with Alexa, HomeKit*, Google Assistant*

*Coming soon in an app update.