Finnish Sauna Builders 9' x 11' x 7' Pre-Built Indoor Sauna Kit

$15,832.85 $18,999.42


The Finnish Sauna Builders Pre-Built Indoor Sauna Room Package is a modular, insulated, panelized, freestanding room that is easy to assemble.  One feature of the Pre-Built Room is the ability to move or relocate the sauna room at a later date.

The Finnish Sauna Builders Pre-Built Room is completely built in the woodshop and then disassembled and shipped to you. This ensures that all of the walls, ceiling, and benches are fit perfectly for re-assembly at your home.  We even pre-install the flexible conduit in the walls for easy sauna heater hook-up.

The Pre-Built Sauna Package is created for easy installation by the Do-It-Yourselfer or contractor.  

The standard Pre-Built Sauna Room comes with a plywood exterior.  For a more finished look, you can upgrade to a Cedar Wood exterior.

The sauna room interior is 100% Western Red Cedar covering the walls, ceiling, benches, and floors. The sauna room includes a pre-hung douglas fir sauna door 24"x72" with a 16"x60" glass panel and custom wood door handles.  The room package comes complete with door trim, assembled benches, bench supports, cedar duckboard flooring for the walk area, crown and corner baseboard moldings, and an accessory package that includes a bucket with liner and ladle, thermometer, vent grills, and a wall-mounted sauna light fixture.

It's very easy to build your own sauna room when you buy a Finnish Sauna Builders Pre-Built Sauna Package.  Now, anyone can build their own sauna room, confident that they are receiving the very best Western Red Cedar. Cedar is the perfect wood to build a sauna room.  Cedar is strong, lightweight, will not warp or shrink, and is more comfortable and cool to the touch.

Our DIY sauna kits are the perfect sauna room for a home or commercial fitness facility. We offer the very lowest wholesale prices with the best quality cedar wood material.

Contact your Finnish Sauna Builders Specialist to help you create the perfect sauna room for you and your family.


All Finnish Sauna Room Pre-Built Indoor Packages include the following:

    • Foil Vapor Barrier
    • 1×4 T&G Clear Western Red Cedar, grade ‘A’ cedar lining for walls & ceiling
    • Clear 1x4 grade ‘A’ cedar for benches and supports (20")
    • Corner moldings for walls, ceiling, and baseboards
    • Douglas Fir Sauna Door 24"x72" with a 16"x60" glass panel, pre-hung
    • Wood sauna door handles with door trim
    • Cedar duckboard flooring in walk area of the floor  
    • Cedar lower and upper Vents Grills
    • Bucket with Liner and Ladle
    • Thermometer
    • Marine-grade, wall mount vapor proof sauna light             
    • Detailed sauna installation instructions

    Sauna Heater not included.

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