Almost Heaven Kirami Cold & Hot Plunge 4 Person Tub with Wood Heater

$7,889.00 $11,834.00


Whether you want cold water for a cool-down plunge after a sauna, or hot water to relax your muscles and relieve stress, the versatile Barrel Soak Tub gives you both options and everything in-between!  The Soak Tub consumes zero electricity or gas and does not require pumps, wiring, or filtration systems to operate.  Simply fill the tub with water and the fire box with wood and within a couple of hours your soak tub is ready to use.  The heated water rises and flows into the tub and pulls cooler water back into the heater to repeat the cycle. 


The Barrel Soak Tub is unique in that it is designed to fill when you plan to use it and emptied when finished.  Enjoy the tub when planning an event or a weekend at the cabin or cottage and not worry about water maintenance, equipment breakdown, and failures when not in use.  The tub quickly and fully drains, allowing the tub to be used in the coldest of climates. 

The entire Soak Tub comes fully assembled and can easily be lifted with two or three people and conveniently slid into place.  Attach the heater with a couple of clamps, attach the chimney and you are ready to go!  The Soak Tub includes an insulated cover, and accessories include exterior access stair, mixing paddle, and more.  The Barrel Soak Tub is the next step in taking your wellness routine to the next level!


  • Capacity - 4 people
  • Water Volume - 375 gallons
  • Outer Diameter - 67”
  • Overall Height - 42”
  • Interior Depth - 35”
  • Empty Weight - 346 lbs
  • Length with Heater - 93”
  • Height with Chimney - 102”    

The Barrel Soak Tub will be shipped via flatbed.

Installation and Product Manual