Harvia Cilindro 8kw PC80E Package with Xenio Control

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By Harvia


Harvia Cilindro PC80E heater's massive sauna stone amount provides enjoyable sauna baths.

The heater has a partially apertured outer casing in the front, which offers the sauna bather the benefits of a large stone amount - but also enables the heater to be located in a smaller space. Due to their strong construction and exceptionally easy service, they are well suited for frequent use and long, relaxing baths.

Heats 250-450 cubic feet (length x width x height) and has a 200 lb stone capacity (sauna stones included).

The package includes the powerful Xenio digital control. The digital surface-mount display works with Cilindro model heaters for installations inside the Sauna room or outside.

The Xenio controls the heater and room light.



Harvia Cilindro PC80E 8KW Sauna Heater 

  • For rooms measuring 250 to 450 cubic feet
  • Dimensions 15"D x 16"W x 45"H
  • Floor Standing Sauna Heater
  • Includes Xenio Digital Controller
  • 200lbs of sauna rocks included
  • Sauna Heater is UL Listed

The Xenio Control has a 60 min. timer plus 10 min. to 12-hour delay timer in 10 min. increments. Has °F or °C display.

13 feet of Sensor cable and 16 foot long data cable included. All cables connect to the power unit.

Control may be up to 82 feet away from the Sauna room with an optional cable extension.

This Harvia Cilindro PC80E 8KW Electric Sauna Heater is available now with FREE shipping.