Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub

$6,354.00 $10,397.40

Meet the Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub!

Introducing the Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub - the perfect solution for anyone looking to experience the benefits of heat exposure therapy. Manufactured in North America by Leisurecraft, this hot tub is part of the Canadian Timber Collection, ensuring top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Heat Exposure Therapy

Also known as thermotherapy, has been shown to have numerous benefits for the body and mind, including reducing stress, improving circulation, and promoting relaxation. It has also been shown to relieve muscle and joint pain, improve sleep quality, and even boost the immune system.

The Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub is designed to provide the ultimate heat exposure therapy experience. The aluminium lined wood burning hot tub comes with an internal heater and a roll-up cover with support arms that can be mounted at the end of the tub. The white cedar skirt around the outside matches all of the Saunas & Showers in the Canadian Timber Collection, ensuring a cohesive and stylish look for your outdoor space.

The wooden backrests and floor on the inside of the tub are made with western red cedar, a premium wood known for its durability and resistance to decay and rot. This wood is also naturally resistant to insects and weather, making it an ideal material for use in outdoor settings.

With the Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub, you can enjoy a hot tub soak in less than 3 hours. Simply light a fire in the stove, and the water will be hot and ready to use in no time. This wood-burning hot tub is not only an eco-friendly option but also provides a unique and authentic experience that cannot be replicated with electric heating options.

The Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub is the perfect addition to any backyard or outdoor space, providing relaxation, rejuvenation, and therapeutic benefits. With its expert craftsmanship, premium materials, and easy-to-use design, it is sure to provide you with years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

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