Harvia 50 Sl Wood Burning Sauna Stove

$6,312.00 $7,013.00
By Harvia


The Harvia 50 SL wood-heated stove provides twice the wonderful opportunities to enjoy the heat.

The stove is placed in the sauna and the firewood is inserted into the fire chamber from the other side of the wall. While one group is still sitting in the sauna, another group can cook sausages over the fire or watch the fire glowing behind the cast-iron-framed glass door.

The Harvia 50 SL stove is the royalty of public saunas, designed to provide steam for large groups of bathers at once.

The great amount of stones guarantees even heat in a large sauna. The steam given off by the stove contains the age-old spirit of the Finnish sauna tradition.

The Harvia 50 SL stove is designed for camp centers, sports centers, and service industry companies, among others. The stove is painted in a stylish graphite black.



Harvia 50SL Wood Burning Sauna Heater
  • For rooms measuring 706 to 1766 cubic feet
  • Dimensions: 21"D x 29"W x 42"H 
  • Floor Standing Sauna Heater
  • Sauna rocks required
  • Sauna Heater is UL Listed

Chimney Installation Manual