Harvia Legend 240 SL Wood Burning Sauna Stove

$1,965.00 $2,183.00
By Harvia


The Harvia Legend 240 stove is a story about the Finnish sauna tradition and uncompromising Harvia quality.

Every Harvia Legend product is part of the heroic story of Harvia, founded in 1950 and currently the world’s largest sauna heater and stove manufacturer. Every Legend heater and the stove is a handmade masterpiece by Harvia’s master blacksmiths. The patinated steel frame of Legend contains a large number of stones, resulting in wonderfully humid and gentle clouds of steam reminiscent of those of a smoke sauna.

Harvia Legend 240 is equipped with a cast-iron-framed glass door, allowing the warm glow of the fire to create a magically calming atmosphere in your sauna.


Harvia Legend 240 Wood Burning Sauna Stove

  • For rooms measuring 353 to 848 cubic feet
  • Dimensions 24"Diameter x 33"Height
  • Floor Standing Sauna Heater
  • Fire Chamber Cover 5 mm
  • Sauna rocks required
  • Smoke Outlet 115 mm

Chimney Installation Manual