Harvia Linear WL475 16 Protective Sheath (side & Rear)

$491.00 $545.00
By Harvia


The Harvia WL475 protective sheath is designed and approved for wood-heated Harvia stoves (Harvia 16/Linear 16).

The protective sheath considerably reduces the safety distance to combustible materials – in practice, this makes the stove fit in a smaller space. The protective sheath is attached to the stove and conforms to the shape of the stove, making the combination sleek.

As the Harvia protective sheaths are stove model-specific, no compromises have been made in terms of design or performance. The protective sheath is available both as a full version and as a one-sided sheath, which can be installed on either side of the stove.

The protective sheaths are made of steel sheet that is painted black. If you also need to protect your floor, the black WL100 protective bedding matches the style.