Harvia 22ST Stainless Steel Wood Stove, 90# Stones

$1,558.00 $1,869.00


The Harvia 22ST stainless steel model combines timeless design with a strong structure. The series also includes all versions of water tanks: you can get the heater with an integrated front tank or with a side tank on the right or left side.

The cast-iron glass door with the option of changing the opening direction portraits the warm glow of the fire which adds to the sauna atmosphere.

This model also features adjustable legs to facilitate installation and, for example, help in adjusting the height of the smoke outlet.


Harvia by Finlandia 22ST Linear Wood Burning Stove

  • For rooms measuring 228 to 777 cubic feet
  • Dimensions 51"D x 55"W x 77"H
  • Floor Standing Sauna Heater
  • Fire Chamber Cover 10 mm
  • Smoke Outlet 115 mm
  • Water Tank Holds 29 Liters
Chimney Installation Manual