Harvia Legend 240 Green Flame Sauna Stove

$2,398.00 $3,348.00


The Harvia by Finlandia Legend 240GF wood stove gives you the ultimate sauna experience.

The fire roars cleanly behind the large glass door of the Harvia Legend 240 GreenFlame wood-burning wood burning heater, and you can just enjoy the magical and relaxing ambiance. 

The low-emission, durable and easy-to-use sauna heater is suited to medium-sized saunas. Its hefty stone quantity guarantees a traditional, soft sauna bath. The heart of the sauna heater is a fully renewed GreenFlame 20 fire chamber, which has been designed with clean combustion in mind. Thanks to this, its carbon monoxide emissions are about 70% lower than before. 

Choose a one-of-a-kind handmade Legend and start your own legendary sauna story. Sustainably towards cleaner wood burning. The Harvia GreenFlame® fire chamber has been optimized with clean combustion in mind. GreenFlame is a part of Harvia’s persistent development work on our journey towards even cleaner wood burning. 

Thanks to the new kind of air control method of the Harvia GreenFlame® fire chamber, the carbon monoxide emissions are significantly lower than before. The smaller the share of carbon monoxide emissions is compared to the total combustion gases, the cleaner the combustion Process.


Harvia by Finlandia Legend 240GF Wood Burning Sauna Stove

  • For rooms measuring 353 to 848 cubic feet
  • Dimensions 24"Diameter x 33"Height
  • Floor Standing Sauna Heater
  • Fire Chamber Cover 5 mm
  • Smoke Outlet 115 mm

Chimney Installation Manual