Harvia M3SL Wood Sauna Stove

$1,348.00 $1,620.00


The Harvia by Finlandia M3SL sauna stove is designed for people who want to conveniently heat their sauna from another room or outside the building.

The wood-heated stove is placed in the sauna and the firewood is inserted into the fire chamber from the other side of the wall. It is equipped with a cast-iron-framed glass door with the ability to change its opening direction, making the stoves even easier to use. The sauna stove can also be equipped with a pipe model water heater.

The stove provides great bathing in small and medium-sized saunas.


Harvia by Finlandia M3SL Wood Burning Sauna Stove

  • For rooms measuring 159 to 459 cubic feet
  • Dimensions 16"W x 17"D x 28"H+8 5/8"diameter collar
  • Floor Standing Sauna Heater
  • Fire Chamber Cover 5 mm
  • Smoke Outlet 115 mm

Chimney Installation Manual