Harvia Xenio WiFi Control Accessory Package

$444.00 $493.00
By Harvia

The Harvia Xenio WiFi accessory package includes the Harvia Xenio WiFi control panel and the HarviaSAB00103 door sensor. The package allows you remote access to your Harvia XE sauna heater or the Harvia Xenio CX170 and XenioCombi CX110C control units (manufactured in 2020 or later)

To use it you will also need a wireless local area network and the My Harvia mobile app, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play and AppStore.


Please check serial number from the product. If the serial number in the product is bigger than presented in the table, it is Xenio WiFi and MyHarvia compatible.

Xenio WiFi Compatibility Chart