Linear Wood Stove (282-777 Cu. Ft.) Water Tank Lft Side, 90# Stones

$2,096.00 $2,515.00

The Harvia Linear 22 LS stove is a masterpiece that combines timeless design with a strong structure.

[The wood-heated stove heats up quickly and cleanly and fulfills even the most demanding bather’s wishes. The fire glowing behind the cast-iron-framed glass door creates a traditional atmosphere, and the steam given off by the stove is naturally ample.

The stove is made even more convenient by the 29-liter water tank on the left side that heats up while the sauna is being heated.

When you want the best, demand the quality of a pioneer in sauna stove technology. Painted in a stylish graphite black, the stove is a treat for the eyes that withstands the test of time.

Chimney Installation Manual