Almost Heaven Olympus 8 Person Sauna

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The Olympus is a sauna fit for a party, and then some.

With a spacious interior that can accommodate up to eight people, this indoor sauna has benches that are both multi-level and extra wide. The lower-level benches can be pushed together or pulled apart to make room for sauna bathers.

The Nordic spruce lumber, paired with the full front glass, adds a contemporary look and feel to the sauna. The optional 8kW deluxe electric heater will have the room up to 195ºF in an hour, which you can control using the separate digital pad.

Whether placed in a bathroom, basement, or garage, the Olympus indoor sauna will use your existing floor as its own and transform the room into one of luxury and relaxation. 

 Indoor placement

  • 1-1/2” solid Nordic spruce plank construction

  • Tongue-and-groove fit of all wall and roof panels

  • 24” long aspen door handle

  • Aspen benches 

  • Movable lower benches for configuration flexibility

  • Easy construction for 2 persons

  • Stainless steel hardware throughout

  • Full glass front wall panel

  • Tempered door and window glass

  • 8kw Sauna Heater

  • Holds between six and eight people

  • Heater size: Harvia Kip80b - 8kw heater system

  • exterior mount

  • Heater electrical: 220V, 40-amp service for heater; 8/3 hardwire connect

  • Exterior dimensions: 84”W x 80”D x 81”H

  • Interior dimensions: 79”W x 76”D x 79”H

  • Upper bench size (x2): 75”L x 24″W

  • Lower bench size (x2): 75”L x 25″W, 75”L x 17″W 

  • Combined lower bench platform: 75” x 42″W

  • Door size: 23”W x 77″H

  • Window size (x2): 24”W x 77”H

  • Shipping dimensions: 80″L x 47″W x 48″H

  • Shipping weight: 1,295 lbs

  • Note: all dimensions are approximate

*Heater and accessories are selected prior to checkout and come at an additional charge.

Almost Heaven Olympus Sauna Layout