Scandia Electric Ultra Sauna Heater - Medium (6.0KW-9.0KW)

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By Scandia


Embark on a journey of unparalleled sauna indulgence with Scandia's Electric Ultra Sauna Heater - Medium, expertly designed for cedar sauna rooms. Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of sleek aesthetics, compact efficiency, and a 100% stainless steel construction that not only elevates the functionality but also adds a touch of timeless beauty. 


Crafted for Cedar Sauna Rooms: Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Electric Ultra Sauna Heater - Medium is tailor-made for cedar sauna rooms. Its compatibility ensures an ideal match, seamlessly integrating with the natural aesthetics of cedar for an authentic and rejuvenating sauna experience. 

Sleek and Compact Stainless-Steel Design: The heater's design is a testament to both form and function. Sleek, compact, and entirely crafted from 100% stainless steel, it not only enhances the visual appeal of your sauna room but also guarantees durability and resistance to the demanding conditions of sauna environments. 

Efficient Convection-Style Airflow: Experience superior heating performance with the convection-style airflow of this medium-sized sauna heater. The innovative design ensures an even distribution of heat throughout the sauna, creating a comforting and enveloping warmth that enhances the overall sauna experience. 

Wall-Mounted Unit for Space Optimization: As a wall-mounted unit, this heater optimizes space utilization, making it an ideal choice for medium-sized sauna rooms. Its efficient and unobtrusive placement allows for seamless integration into your sauna space, providing an uncluttered and inviting atmosphere. 

Direct Wiring for Seamless Installation: The Electric Ultra Sauna Heater is designed for straightforward installation. It is directly wired into the building, ensuring a clean and streamlined appearance. This simple wiring process enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your sauna room. 

Elevated Rock Tray for Protection: Included in the design is an elevated rock tray, adding both functionality and aesthetics. This tray is specifically engineered to prevent water application from damaging the unit, ensuring the longevity of your sauna heater and contributing to a hassle-free and enjoyable sauna experience. 

Comprehensive Electrical Supply Kit: The heater comes equipped with all necessary wire connections and supplied leads rated for high-temperature applications. Scandia's commitment to providing a comprehensive electrical supply kit ensures a hassle-free installation process, allowing you to enjoy your sauna with minimal effort. 

Trusted by Industry Leaders for Over a Decade: Scandia has taken pride in being the exclusive '"national preferred vendor'" for the YMCA for the past 13 years. Also, it is the exclusive preferred vendor for Powerhouse Gyms, Gold's International, and Bally's Total Fitness. The Scandia Ultra Sauna heaters grace the sauna spaces of top resorts, hotels, and universities around the world, attesting to their unrivaled quality and reliability. 

Elevate your sauna experience with Scandia's Electric Ultra Sauna Heater - Medium (6.0KW-9.0KW), where craftsmanship meets innovation for an extraordinary sauna indulgence. Immerse yourself in the transformative warmth trusted by industry leaders and savored by sauna enthusiasts worldwide. 


Heating Power and Range: 

  • This high-quality sauna heater operates within a heating range suitable for sauna spaces ranging from 294 to 616 cubic feet, ensuring efficient and effective heating for a variety of room sizes. 

Premium Stainless-Steel Construction: 

  • Crafted from durable 22ga Brushed Stainless Steel, the sauna heater boasts not only a sleek design but also longevity, making it an enduring centerpiece for your sauna room. 

Dimensions (LxWxH): 

  • Choose from three power options (6.0KW, 7.5KW, and 9.0KW), each sharing the compact dimensions of 16" x 14" x 23 3/4". This ensures a seamless fit in your sauna space while providing powerful heating capabilities. 

Amperage Specifications: 

Select the appropriate amperage configuration based on your power supply: 

  • 6.0KW/240V operates at 25 Amps 
  • 6.0KW/208V operates at 28.9 Amps 
  • 7.5KW/240V operates at 31.3 Amps 
  • 7.5KW/208V operates at 36.1 Amps 
  • 9.0KW/240V operates at 37.5 Amps 
  • 9.0KW/208V operates at 43.3 Amps 

Built-in Thermal Cutout for Safety: 

  • The sauna heater is equipped with a built-in thermal cutout, ensuring safety by preventing overheating and providing peace of mind during your sauna sessions. 

Unprecedented Warranty Coverage: 

  • Enjoy an unprecedented 10-year warranty on the shell of the sauna heater, emphasizing its durability and quality craftsmanship. Additionally, there is a one-year warranty on parts, offering comprehensive coverage. 

Solid Tray Design for Element Protection: 

  • The solid tray design is both functional and visually appealing. It allows water to be poured on the rocks without risking damage to the heating elements, ensuring a long-lasting and trouble-free sauna experience. 

Sauna Rocks Included for Authentic Experience: 

  • Every Scandia Electric Ultra Sauna Heater package includes sauna rocks, contributing to an authentic sauna experience by creating the perfect surface for water to evaporate and generate soothing steam. 

Comprehensive Package with Installation Instructions: 

  • The sauna heater package includes installation instructions, making the setup process straightforward and user-friendly. Enjoy the convenience of a comprehensive package that facilitates an efficient and hassle-free installation. 

Thermostat Sensor Wall Cover for Precise Control: 

  • The sauna heater is equipped with a thermostat sensor wall cover, ensuring precise temperature control. This feature allows users to customize their sauna experience, creating an environment that aligns perfectly with individual preferences. 

Elevate your sauna experience with Scandia's Electric Ultra Sauna Heater - Medium (6.0KW-9.0KW). From its powerful heating capabilities and premium stainless-steel design to the safety features, dimensions, and amperage configurations, every aspect is meticulously crafted to elevate your sauna experience. Immerse yourself in the transformative warmth and reliability trusted by sauna enthusiasts worldwide.