Thermory 6 Person Square Sauna No 40 DIY Kit with Terrace and Window


Discover the Spacious Elegance of the Thermory No40 Sauna Square šŸ”²

With a design that combines modernity with tradition, the Thermory No40 Sauna Square has quickly become a coveted oasis. Act swiftly to secure your very own as our inventory is quickly embraced by sauna enthusiasts. Engage with our team now or place a preorder to guarantee your place in the embrace of the No40 series.


Introducing the Thermory No40, the 6-person square sauna that redefines relaxation. With its fresh Nordic spruce silhouette and curved contours, this premium DIY kit boasts a full tempered-glass front, allowing natural light to sweep across its expansive interior. Designed for social interactions, comfort, and long soaks, the No40 is where you can fully recline on tiered benches and let the world drift away.


  • Generous dimensions offering seven feet of headroom and deep, reclining benches.
  • Robust construction with thermally modified Nordic spruce, offering 25 years of rot resistance and unparalleled stability without shrinkage.
  • Milled for a supremely smooth surface, ensuring comfort without excessive heat.
  • Brushed texture Nordic spruce with uniform color, distinct knots, and proven durability.
  • Superior insulation for consistent heat distribution, providing a warm embrace in any climate.
  • Simple, intuitive DIY installation process.
  • Enjoy the outdoor view with the inclusion of a porch and a large, dramatic window.
  • Sustainably sourced materials paired with superior craftsmanship.

Technical Specifications

Occupancy 6 Persons
Product Weight 1820 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 98.9" x 82.8" x 86.5"
Volume 241 Cubic Ft
Window Size 75.2" x 38.2"
Shipping Crate Dimensions (H x W x L) 34.6" x 45.3" x 98.8"
Material Thermally modified Nordic spruce

In the Box

Every Thermory No40 Sauna Square kit is packed with everything needed for the ultimate sauna experience, minus the heater. You'll find the body staves, front glass panel, tiered benches, and all necessary assembly materials. We've also included a porch for convenience and a rain jacket for added protection against the elements.

About Thermory

Thermory is dedicated to bringing the traditional sauna experience into the modern era. Our saunas, crafted from sustainably sourced Northern European spruce, boast a brushed texture, and are engineered for longevity. With a focus on even heat distribution and ease of assembly, Thermory No40 Sauna Square represents the pinnacle of sauna innovation.

Wellness Benefits

Step inside the No40 and feel the day's stress dissolve in the warmth of evenly distributed heat. This sauna is not just a retreat; it's a tool for enhancing your well-being, promoting muscle recovery, joint mobility, and detoxification. Rejuvenate in the comfort of your home with Thermory's No40 Sauna Square.

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