Thermory 6 Person Square Sauna No 41 DIY Kit with Terrace


Introducing the Exquisite Thermory No41 Sauna Square šŸ§Š

Claim your serene escape with the Thermory No41 Sauna Square. This model's allure is undeniable, offering the same luxurious experience as its predecessor. Availability is limited due to high demand, so connect with us today to reserve your piece of tranquility or to inquire about our upcoming deliveries.


Immerse yourself in the harmony of design and function with the Thermory No41 Sauna Square. This 6-person square sauna offers a lavish thermal experience within its elegantly simple Nordic spruce construction. The full tempered-glass front welcomes you to a realm of warmth, where every element is designed for your comfort and ease.


  • Six-person accommodation for a shared relaxation experience.
  • Thermal modification of Nordic spruce for a remarkable lifespan and consistent dimensions.
  • Smooth surface and rounded edges for a touch of luxury and comfort that remains cool to the touch.
  • Environmentally friendly materials, featuring sustainably sourced Northern European spruce with a brushed texture and rich color.
  • Efficient insulation for an all-encompassing warmth, creating an even and delightful sauna climate.
  • Designed for straightforward, intuitive DIY assembly.

Technical Specifications

Occupancy 6 Persons
Product Weight 1720 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 98.9" x 82.8" x 86.5"
Volume 241 Cubic Ft
Window Size 75.2" x 38.2"
Shipping Crate Dimensions (H x W x L) 34.6" x 45.3" x 98.8"
Material Thermally modified Nordic spruce

In the Box

The Thermory No41 Sauna Square package includes all necessary components for a full assembly, except the sauna heater. The porch feature adds an extra layer of functionality and style to your sauna experience.

About Thermory

Thermory's legacy in sauna manufacturing is embodied in the No41 Sauna Square. By harmonizing sustainability with innovation, our saunas provide a rejuvenating retreat with the trusted durability of thermally modified wood, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable sauna session every time.

Wellness Benefits

Within the confines of the No41 Sauna Square, allow the gentle heat to envelop you, providing relief and relaxation. The benefits extend beyond leisure; regular sauna use promotes enhanced circulation, muscle relaxation, and detoxification. With Thermory's No41, your wellness journey is just a step away.

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